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The BANKING AND WEALTH EXPOSITION 2017 is a four day financial inclusion event held under the theme “Bridging the Inclusion Gap through Financial Literacy”. It will be held at Ditshupo Hall, Fairground Holdings, Gaborone. The Expo, which will be freely open to the public, is intended to expose the public to the vast scope of banking and financial services. It aims to avail a rare opportunity for the public to seek financial information and advice that will enable them to make informed financial decisions and to better understand how they can use money and financial services towards improving their future livelihoods.

The public will, for the first time ever, have a chance to interact with a broad array of banks and other financial service providers under one roof. On the supply side, the Expo will provide a platform for financial agents to demonstrate their innovative financial products, services and delivery channels. The Expo will provide an opportunity for policy makers and regulators to gauge or detect gaps in service delivery and regulatory enablement.


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