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Financial inclusion is an enabler and accelerator of economic growth, job creation and development. Affordable access to and use of financial services helps families and business owners to generate income and manage irregular cash flows; invest in emerging opportunities; strengthen their resilience to economic downturns; and work their way out of poverty. The imperative to face the challenge of financial inclusion is driven by the fact that globally, more than 2 billion adults are excluded from the formal financial system. Highly correlated to that, a 2014 Botswana financial inclusion survey showed that more than 20 percent of Botswana’s adult population is financially excluded. Meanwhile, the survey also showed a worrying distortion, as the level of exclusion in rural areas was in excess of 30 percent. As part of a private sector response to the challenge to broaden financial access and inclusion, the Bankers’ Association of Botswana and Botswana Institute of Bankers have pioneered a coordinated private sector response by organising a BANKING AND WEALTH EXPOSITION (the “Expo”) focusing on the financial sector.


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