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As an exhibitor at the Banking and Wealth Expo 2017, your company will have access to a rich medium that is capable of delivering a broad range of messages and experiences to a rich and diverse target base. Your brand will be exposed to an anticipated audience of over 10 000 people. The exposition will attract 265 exhibitors from the financial services sector which includes amongst others, banks, insurance companies, fund managers and the Stock Exchange. In addition to providing an exchange forum with policy makers, the exposition will also host some international companies.

Your company should expect to achieve the following objectives:

  • Make direct sales
  • Expand your contact database
  • Test market awareness and perceptions on product and service propositions
  • Identify potential partnerships and financial institutions offering complementary services
  • Identify and enlist new customers
  • Support your existing sales channels

Who Should Exhibit?

  • Policy makers
  • Financial industry regulators
  • Banks
  • Mobile money operators
  • Money transfer agents
  • Forex brokers/ Bureau de change
  • Finance and investment consultants
  • Insurers and insurance brokers
  • Micro-lenders
  • Tax and tax related issues /disputes
  • Any other institutions in the financial services industry

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