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The Expo is a platform that will bring the brightest minds together from across Banking, insurance and investments spectrum. It will ignite new ideas and inspire the audience to think differently about their finances. Professionals from across the industry, business leaders and entrepreneurs will deliver inspiring content and experiences. Some of the take aways include:

  • Ideas on Financial security for the development process of the economy.
  • Financial Education through workshops
  • Trusted and independent information, tools and support
  • Additional solutions to drive improved financial well being and behavioural change
  • Partnerships with the sectors involved in financial literacy, measuring their impact

Areas / Topics to be covered in the workshops include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Types of Insurance I need
  • Borrowing only what you need
  • Building Your Savings
  • Managing Money For Your Retirement
  • Introduction To Personal Investments
  • Buying A Home Within Your Means
  • Introduction To Estate Planning
  • Understanding Basic Health Insurance Schemes

Benefits of the Expo:

  • The expo will shine a spotlight on one of the most the critical topical issues of our times; financial inclusion.
  • The expo will bring along and encourage financial literacy to enable individuals to make informed financial decision.
  • Financial service providers will see this as an opportunity to market their relevant products and services.

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